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Help Support ScoutWired and keep our services free for Scouts and Guides around the world!

There are a number of ways that you can help support ScoutWired.

Containers for change

We have setup a Containers for Change Scheme ID for ScoutWired. This allows you to cash in your cans (and other containers) and donate those proceeds straight to Scout Wired.

Currently this is only available in Western Australia and Queensland.

If you live in other states – don’t worry, you can still help if you wish by other methods.


These states also give refunds for Containers but not currently with the containers for change program. Your more than welcome to take the refund that you get from depositing your containers and then donate that to ScoutWired – You can donate directly to ScoutWired here.

Tasmania and Victoria

The container recycling program should be coming online soon with their relevant legislation to enable these schemes for refunds. Once they are online and if they have a similar setup to QLD and WA, we can setup a Scheme ID with them. Watch this space.

Western Australia and Queensland

When at the ATM Terminal – instead of selecting Cash as the refund type – select Scheme ID. Either type with the onscreen keyboard our ID below or Scan the QR Code from your phone (if it fits in the reader).

Scheme ID: C10564413

Minecraft 1.17.1 Survival World

With the release of Minecraft 1.18.1 Caves and Cliffs expansion, we have done a reset of the ScoutWired Minecraft Survival world. With this, we decided one way to do some fundraising for ScoutWired is to package up and sell the old Survival world.

This gives you an opportunity to explore all of the awesome builds in the old Survival world, all while Supporting ScoutWired. Head over here to get yours today.