Voice Chats

For Youth By Youth

From time to time we open voice chats for our users to interact with each other with voice. In order to join in on a voice chat you need to enable push to talk so you can communicate. 

So that all of our users have a chance to talk, we require non-team members to configure Push-to-talk (PTT) to interact in public voice chats.

Our voice chats are only opened when we have at least 2 trained team members available. This is so that our users are kept safe in a moderated environment.  

How to set Push to talk?

  • Regardless of what server you are on, navigate to the bottom left of your screen and click the “User Settings” cog next to your name
  • Once in the User Settings Window, choose Voice & Video
  • Choose your Input and Output Device (Leave as default if you don’t know)
  • Change Input Mode to “Push to Talk”.
  • Choose your Push to Talk Shortcut. I have mine set to MOUSE3.

Your screen should look something like this

  • That’s it, you’re ready to talk in voice chats on ScoutWired. If you haven’t done so already, head here to Join the ScoutWired Discord.