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Welcome to the Games page!

Here at Scoutwired, we offer many games for our users to enjoy. Currently we offer Minecraft, Factorio, Uno and often have Among Us events! However, we are always open to new suggestions for games we can run, so you can have a say in our services!

We have a dedicated Minecraft server that can be found at In order to join our Minecraft server, you need to have the JAVA edition of Minecraft installed on your computer. At this stage we do not support the pocket/bedrock (tablet or Xbox) edition of Minecraft. ScoutWired has both a creative and a survival world. During JOTI we will have build-battle events and mini games running throughout the weekend, the server is up 24/7 so join in today and join the fun.  

We have a range of events hosted on the Minecraft server.

Find more about our Minecraft Server here.

ScoutWired has a dedicated Factorio server. This is a game that users work as a team to build a factory that launches rockets into space. We run this year-round, but during JOTI we will be having a 48-hour challenge to see if we can manage to get one rocket into space per minute by the end of the weekend.  Factorio can be bought from or though Steam. Once in the game lobby search for ScoutWired to join our server. 

Our Factorio server has a whole host of things to do! With researching nuclear energy, killing bugs with lasers and launching rockets, we have a lot of work to finish!

Find more about our Factorio Server here.

ScoutWired also hosts a Terraria server which you can join at Are you ready to fight for survival, fortune and glory? To keep the game fair, your character will have a separate inventory for the server. The ScoutWired Terraria server runs all year round but during JOTI, we also run a number of Terraria events and at the end of the weekend, we will try to defeat the final boss.

To join the server, make sure you have bought the game on Steam and follow our step by step guide.

Find more about our Terraria Server here.

Other Games

Simulator Games

ScoutWired now supports several simulator games, including Truck Simulator, Dirt Rally 2.0 and iRacing. Compete against others to see who tops the leaderboard!


Challenge a friend to a casual game of Battleship.


On our Discord server we have an UNO bot for localised UNO games! There are many people around on the Discord Server who love to play UNO. Join now and get your name on the leaderboard!

Among Us & Fall Guys

We have hosted Among Us and Fall Guys games and hope to do a lot more! Join our Discord server [here] to get notifications when we are hosting these events!

Morse Code

We’ve recently added a Morse Code bot to our Discord server. You can encode and decode messages with friends, and maybe learn how to do it manually too!