User Management Matrix

Actions and Outcomes:Across all platforms
Reason1st action2nd Action3rd Action4th Action5th Action6th ActionAfter Review by Exec
SwearingWarningWarningWarningKickedBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
BullyingWarningWarningWarningKickedBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
DiscriminationWarningWarningBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Giving out personal detailsWarningWarningKickedBannedBlockRestart from 1st
Unscouty behaviorWarningWarningWarningKickedBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Breaking a network ruleWarningKickBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Nudity or Inappropriate dressBlock and report to council immediately
Grooming or exploitative behaviorBlock and report to council immediately
Cheating or exploiting hacks or glitchesWarningKickedBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Logged PM with rule breechBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Flooding or SpammingWarningKickedBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
GriefingWarningKickedBannedRestart from 1st
Sharing passwords or accountsAny users caught account sharing will have the IP address blocked, and any usernames associated also blocked
Unlawful/Hacked access of another persons accountAny users caught accessing another user’s account without permission will have the IP address blocked, and any usernames blocked permanently
Bots, triggers, or macros in SEWarningDestZapBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
PK rule breeches in SEBannedBlockedRestart from 1st
Inappropriate use of BBsWarningBanBlockedRestart from 1st
Duration:Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Ban1 week2 weeks3 weeks1 month
Blocked3 months6 months12 monthsPermanent
Temp Ban Time Limits:Minecraft Moderator Bans only
First Ban1 Hours
Second Ban3 hours
Third Ban12 hours
Fourth Ban24 hours
Level 1Minor issueswearing/pestering users
Level 2Moderate issuerule breaking frequently/sharing real details
Level 3Immediate RiskCheating/Hacking/Child Protection Issues
Level 4High Risk/IssueDiscrimination/negligence/misconduct/law enforcement