JOTI 2022 Events

For Youth By Youth

Friday 14th October 2022 – Sunday 16th October 2022

Current TIME (UTC) :
Time (UTC)Event
Friday 7:00 AMMinigames in Minecraft
Friday 9:00 AMInternational Team
Friday 11:00 AMAmazing Race (Minecraft)
Saturday 12:00 AMAmazing Race (Minecraft)
Saturday 3:00 AMKahoot Quiz
Saturday 5:00 AMEscape Room
Saturday 7:00 AMBuild Battle
Saturday 9:00 AMFactorio Livestream
Saturday 11:00 AMCosplay Event
Saturday 1:00 PMBuild Battle
Sunday 12:00 AMAmong Us
Sunday 4:00 AMMinigames in Minecraft
Sunday 10:00 AMTerraria Moon Lord

Events running all weekend

FactorioCome join our Factorio, as we will be attempting to launch a rocket by the end of the weekend!!
Draw it Join us in creating a JOTI themed badge for our server, try your luck against others to figure out who comes out victorious!
Terraria Join us as we have an epic moon lord battle in Terraria. Find out more about our Terraria server here!
Landmark GamesCan you find your way around? Try out some of our games to bend your minds!
MinecraftJump onto our Minecraft server and explore the deep depths of the caves or the luscious forests! Find out more about our Minecraft server here!
Voice ChatsJoin in on voice chats on discord and chat to others around the world! Join our discord here!
Guess the PhraseTry Guessing this phrase, you can do it at any time over the weekend and it will truly boggle your mind!

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Join our discord server to join in on the activities over the weekend here!